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Cocoon - the Original Travelsheet








COCOON Travel-Sheets and Mummy-Liners are the result of life-long travel experience. The attention to detail and innovation makes them ideal companions for adventurers, travellers and mountaineers worldwide.


The travel and outdoor experience of the Austrian based Design Salt Team as well as of distributors, retailers and customers still flows into the development and perfection of all COCOON products. COCOON Travel-Sheets and Mummy-Liners are designed to carry travellers through any night.







Fabric Best Use Added Temp TravelSheet Weight MummyLiner Weight
Silk All-seasons, fast drying lightweight, compact. +5.3C 179g 133g
Ripstop Silk All the benefits of silk plus ultra durable. +5.3C N/A 133g
Cotton Economical, dry climates, indoors. +2.9C 414g 340g
Merino Soft, warm, odor-free, allows skin to breathe. +7.0C N/A 495g
Thermolite Radiator Ultra-warm, fast drying and comfortable. +9.0C N/A 370g
Microfleece Quick drying with excellent insulation. +6.2C N/A 570g
Microfibre Lightweight, fast drying, breathable fabric. +3.0C 290g 230g

Cocoon Silk Mummyliner 


Each Cocoon MummyLiner or TravelSheet has been tested and shown to add warmth to your sleeping bag as shown in the chart above using industry standard cold chamber testing.

100% Silk
Our breathable high-quality silk is the optimum fabric for minimizing packing size and weight. Toasty in the winter and cool in the summer, silk is breathable and soft to your skin. It is easy to hand or machine wash and dries quickly.
100% Cotton
Our high-quality cotton is breathable, creates a natural vapour balance and is very comfortable against your skin. Cotton is durable, machine washable and colourfast.
100% Thermolite Radiator

Thermolite provides warmth and comfort at the lightest weight, even when wet. Its hollow-core fibers trap air for better insulation. What's more, Thermolite dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics and 50% faster than cotton. It wicks moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly.
100% Microfibre

Microfiber (100% Polyester) is a lightweight, fast drying, breathable fabric with a good, soft grip.








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